The Tutto Cuore is a classic Tuscany wine, with a beautiful purple color and his aroma characterized by cherry fruit and rose flower notes that are expressed to the nose, intercalated by intense mediterranian spices feelings,given with this tiny wise add of Alicante.
TuttoCuore | Sangiovese
90% Sangiovese
10% Alicante

After the fermentation in inox stainless steel under controlled constant temperature of 27 C° degrees and a period of maceration on the grape peels, the wine is put in a french oak wood casks for 12 months, the structure of the staves avoids the interaction between wine characteristic and fruit freshness.
A gentle, elegant intriguing wine perfect with main dishes and light seconds.
Miosogno has a purple deep red color tending to black red that already tells us all the expressive power of mature fruits under the summer sun. The Alicante is an antique vine, belonging to the same family of Granache in the Vallè du Rhone in France, enphasizes his blackberry fruit, alternated to complexe third notes of mineral wet soil, graphite and white smoke.
MioSogno | Alicante
Minimo 90% Alicante

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La permanenza di 12 mesi in barrique nuove di primo passaggio con doghe sottili dona morbidezza al vino che si esprime in bocca caldo e possente con un interminabile finale di sentori di spezia affumicata.
Questo vino, premiato dalla Guida Veronelli con un super tre stelle, è stato selezionato dal prestigioso Ristorante Carlo Cracco di Milano il quale per un periodo di due anni lo ha offerto in esclusiva alla propria clientela.
Fiammante get close to the french style (bordolese) but without loosing his mediterranean typification.
Fiammante | Cabernet
Minimo 90% Cabernet

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Al naso si manifestano i sentori del ribes e del cassis, in bocca si esprime la concentrazione solare vestita da una bellissima morbidezza, un velluto sontuoso che si distende lasciandosi dietro nel lungo finale persistenti note fruttate.
Il vino viene affinato per 12 mesi in barrique nuove di pregiatissima rovere francese con doghe di 22 millimetri e dopo un periodo di ulteriore affinamento in bottiglia in locali a temperatura costante di 17 gradi centigradi, viene portato nelle tavole dei ristoranti più prestigiosi.
Il Fiammante è stato considerato tra “I Gloriosi” dalla Guida Veronelli 2009 che lo ha inserito nell’elenco dei 22 assaggi più emozionanti dell’anno.
The Chardonnay grape find his natural loved habitat in the warm solar Maremma of Tuscany generating a very elegant wine including in his typical bouquet, tropical fruit.
DolceAmore | Chardonnay
100% Chardonnay

Like the sweetness of banana, the freshness and acidity of grapefruit, wrapped around by a concert of toasted nuts, vanilla and white cocoa offered by the oak of french barrique, properly built to host this quality of grape.
Grape are picked up around the end of august and pressed still with the rasp. After 48 hours the cold must is dropped into the barriques in a 15 C° degrees ambient, where slowly ferments for about two weeks.
For a period of 8 months the wine is kept in touch with his own precious leaven trough a recurring operations of “batonnage”. Afterwards we pass to the filtration and bottling.
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La superficie destinata ad oliveto è di circa 3 ettari e comprende le varietà Leccino, Frantoio e Nocellara del Belice. Da queste si ottengono, con raccolta manuale e frangitura separate, degli oli monovarietali di grande qualità e definizione olfattiva.
  • Nocellara | olio extravergine
    100% Nocellara del belice

    This extra virgin olive oil is the result of the continuous research and experimentation typical for the Capua Winery. It is, in fact, the first time that this variety of olive, whose home is traditionally Sicily, and which is famous for the high quality of its oil, is being introduced in Maremma. And this with great success!
    The olive fruit of Nocellara del Belice has adapted itself perfectly to the climate and soil and is therefore expressing its full potential, giving us the possibility to produce a monocultivar olive oil of unique and balanced flavor.

    The oil is of a golden color with outstanding green reflexes. To the nose it presents itself in an elegant and complex manner, endowed with nuances of medium ripe tomatoes and sweet almond. To the taste it is manifold, with a notable flavor of the fruit in which bitter and spicy interact in great balance.

  • Frantoiano | olio extravergine
    100% Frantoiano

    Clear, golden yellow with green reflexes, clear; its fragrance opens in a decisive yet elegant manner with impressions of the green fruit and nuances of freshly mowed grass. Bitter and spicy are well measured in this oil, which is distinguishable by its great balance and persistence of taste.

    Leccino | olio extravergine
    100% Leccino

    Clear, golden yellow with nuances of green. Its fragrance reflects the elegance of the green fruit with tender elements of artichoke and rosemary. Initially spicy in the mouth, its taste unfolds with great balance culminating in a well measured bitter flavor.